Andersen No. 12 Self-Tailing Full Stainless Winch

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Andersen No. 12 full stainless steel self-tailing single speed winch.

Andersen's Standard Winches provide smaller yachts with the same uncompromising quality seen in Andersen's larger winches allowing the crew to work more efficiently and confidently with the knowledge that their winches will function properly when needed the most.

  • Drum Width "D" (mm): 70
  • Base Width "B" (mm): 115
  • Height "H" (mm): 130
  • Line entry "L" (mm): 44
  • Line size (mm): 8 - 14
  • Weight (kg): 2.6
  • Gear ratio, 1st speed: 1.3:1
  • Power ratio, 1st speed: 9.5:1
  • Service Kit: #18