Here at Ensign Spars we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service available. If you need any help choosing the right line for a specific application, or which type of splice is appropriate, please contact us. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you! Our rigging and splicing services are provided by our friends at Northern Rigging.

Splicing Services

12-strand Eye Splice - $15 - Used in single braid lines or at the ends of stripped double braid with high tech core. Inlcudes Whiplock.

Double Braid Eye Splice - $20 - Core to cover splice used for line with polyester core and cover (Sirius 500). Includes Whiplock.

Core-Core Eye Splice - $25 - Used in high tech double braid line with dyneema core (Admiral 5000). Includes Whiplock.

Messenger Eye Splice - $7- Non-load bearing eye used to aid installation of halyards.

Whiplock End - $5 - Line whipping that locks the cover and core, preventing cover from sliding over the core.

Stripped Cover - $20 - An easy way to reduce weight aloft is to remove the cover from your halyards for the portion that remains up the mast. The cover stays on the lower portion to ease handling and reduce chafe. Can also be used to make light-weight genoa and spinnaker sheets. Use with high tech double braid (Admiral 5000).



  • A proper splice will reduce line strength by 10% or less. A knot will reduce strength up to 50%
  • Double braid eye splice uses about 1ft of line.
  • 12-strand and core-core splices use about 2ft of line.