Wichard Key Pin Shackle - 1/4in

Wichard key pin halyard shackle with bar, forged from 316L stainless steel. The pin can be opened or closed with a single half turn, and is captive to the shackle so it can't be lost. The bar keeps the shackle attached to the halyard line even when pin is open. The bar has a rolled pin that can be removed to attach shackle to existing splices.



Part #DiameterABDWorking LoadBreaking LoadWeight
WIC81433 6 mm 
7/32 in.
45 mm 
1 3/4 in.
16 mm 
5/8 in.
15 mm 
9/16 in.
520 kg 
1144 lb
1700 kg 
3740 lb
52 g 
1.83 oz